Farm Equipment

Trolley Mounted

Tank Capacity: 100 lit

Spraying Speed: 10 - 15 m with Plunger Type 4hp Pump

Trolley Mounted spray

Water Tanks:

Water Capacity Range: 500gln to 2000 gln

Water Tanks


Water Pump with DTO/PTO Pump Attachment (Workable with Tractor DTO/PTO Pulley)


Double Axle Water Tanker with Diesel Pump Attachment



Water Bowzer Mounted on Truck


Agricultural Slasher, Tractor Slashers

Number of Blades: 01
Working Depth: 145 cm
RPM: 540/1000 rpm
Weight: 165 kg

Agricultural Slasher




Tractor Slashers


Wheat / Rice Reaper

No. of Blades/Knives: 29

Cutting Width: 230 cm

Operated with Tractor PTO

Wheat | Rice Reaper

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