About Pak Madina Agro


The company is based on the Family- owned Management, which is found by a Mr. Ch. Abdul Rasheed (Chairman). Mr. Ch. Muhammad Shafique is running this challenging business as CEO of the company. It is formatted since 1972’s for the local market trading in Lahore city of Pakistan. In the year 2001 the track dimension changed and stepped-in the International Market.CEO Mr. Shafique



We aim at Achieving remarkable growth by designing, manufacturing and marketing specialized, high-quality products and services for agriculture & municipality worldwide. All our actions are aimed at providing our customers with superior services, the best long-term values, and maximum returns on investments.


We maintain high values of building trust of our valuable customer since 1972. Our values have earned us a trust worthy name and profitable business of our clients.

  • Customer Trust:
  • Our good name and flourishing business depend on the satisfaction and unshaken trust of our customers. To maintain the requirement and satisfaction, we must:

  • Understand our customers’ need.
  • Provide high quality and cost effective products that meet the need of the purchaser.
  • Provide accessible and reliable support services.
  • Shareholder commitment and satisfaction.

Being a family owned group, we will ensure continued success through the achievement of performance and financial goals. Satisfied the family shareholders and stable ownership contribute to the Company's long-term strategy and development.


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