Pak Madina Agro deals in MASSEY FERGUSON Tractors which are considered the best around the world. We deal in MF 240, MF 260,MF 350, MF 375, MF 385-2WD , MF 385 4WD tractors cheapest around the world.

Other Farming Equipment and Farming Implements that Pak Madina Agro provide are Chisel Plough, Disc Plough, Mould Board Plough, Tine Tillers, Offset Disc Harrow Model, Ridger, Front Blade, Multi Purpose Rear Blade, Agricultural loader, Farm trailer, Hydraulic Tipping Trailer, Swinging Draw Bar, Jib Crane, Post Hole Digger, Wheat Thresher, Rise Thresher and Maize Shellers.

Pak Madina Agro is committed to provide Quality to the customers. We are a Customer Oriented Company and customer satisfaction is our Mission. Our Farming Equipment are Highly Reliable and are designed to provide high performance. Fuel Efficiency and Durability are the other main features of our products.

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